Listening to the radio today – “scientists” were quoted in a story about the swine flu outbreak, as in “scientists say that…”. Are these scientists the same scientists that expressed concern about sunspot activity? I picture a door with a sign that says “scientists” – inside there are two or three scienctists who answer questions when reporters ask. It’s next to the room marked “doctors”.

Consider this, though: we live in a time where the words “according to scientists” carry enough authority for most people to accept what is being said.

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One Response to Scientists

  1. Lilly says:

    I soooo agree with you! And if it’s posted on the net or mass-forwarded in an email, it have even more credibility, somehow!

    I am a little alarmed at how much “to do” is being made about “swine flu” when, statistically, more people have died by the regular flu this season (according to scientists) than are even known to be infected with “swine flu.”

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