I just read an excellent post by Nathaniel Givens on the Hugo Awards.

What the Hugos should try to be, in an ideal world, is the best guess of people who are smart and educated (about the sci fi canon in particular) of which of the stories that came out this year are going to be the stories that will still be powerful, relevant, and important in the future. In short: which of this year’s stories are great.

Indeed! A standing ovation from me.

Not achievable, though, because we can’t insist that people be “smart and educated” about the sci fi canon. That is a nice idea for a juried award.

For the Hugos, I’d settle for readers voting and nominating based solely on the quality of the work, with lots of participation.

The post, from the Difficult Run blog: The Hugo Awards, Dinosaurs, and Me

And how do you like the subtitle of that blog? “We tackle controversy with civility.” Added to my Feedly. Love it. Looks very worthwhile.

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