Upcoming podcasts

I picked the next couple of items for discussion on the Good Story podcast.

The last two picks I had were heavy so I thought “what’s the opposite of heavy”? To my mind came The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. An old favorite. We’ll definitely be talking about audio drama a bit in that episode… as much as I can get away with!

For my movie pick? Inherit the Wind, starring Spencer Tracy, who is particularly good in this movie. It’s a courtroom drama around a case where a high school teacher is on trial for teaching evolution. I have no idea how accurate it is in comparison to the Scopes Monkey Trial, but people connect the two all the time. I’ll look into that. The movie has a lot to say about belief, science, and society.

I’ll be back on SFFaudio (recording May 7, posting I don’t know when) to discuss The Running Man by Stephen King, who published it under the name “Richard Bachman”. I’m sure we’ll hear the words “Hunger Games” at some point in that discussion. Jesse also wanted to talk about a few movie versions, so I better get busy on this one!

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