Past Short Fiction Hugo Winners

Astounding October 1958Over at The Fix: Short Fiction Review, I’ve been writing a column called Rocket Science in which I’ve been working my way through the short fiction Hugo Award winners since the beginning of time. Which was… 1955. I’ve reached the late 1960’s, but The Fix hasn’t been updated since my previous column on May 15.

So, I’m going to continue my tour here. In this setting, I’ll discuss one story at a time, or maybe a couple at a time if they fit together in some way. The next year I’ll be covering is 1968, the tumultuous year in which I was born. The Hugo Winners that year:

Novella: “Weyr Search” by Anne McCaffrey
Novella: “Riders of the Purple Wage” by Philip Jose Farmer
Novelette: “Gonna Roll Them Bones” by Fritz Leiber
Short Story: “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” by Harlan Ellison

Here are the existing Rocket Science columns over at The Fix:

1955 – 1956
1958 – 1959
1960 – 1962
1963 – 1965
1966 – 1967


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