Liverpool and Weather

Quick update:

Liverpool in Tuscany… I hope they enjoyed the scenery and the wine because the game didn’t turn out so well. Fiorentina 2, Liverpool 0.

The weather here? (Idaho, not Tuscany…) 39 degrees F this morning and rainy. No snow here in the valley, but the surrounding mountains are showing plenty of white. More to come later today, and the forecast says 27 degree lows the next two mornings.

I’ve got to tell you, though – I like cool weather more than I like hot. I’ve tried them both – I lived in Tucson, AZ for six years before returning to Idaho. I liked living there when I did, but the seasons here are much more interesting. I do wish that Fall lasted longer than it does, though. We do have these sudden changes here, like Lilly O mentioned in a comment to a previous post – summer is hot (at or near 100 degrees F in July and August), then we get a few weeks of cool before the winter hits. Same on the other end. Winter continues into April, then it warms up a little for a few weeks then BAM! It’s hot. Here in Idaho we get many more cool/cold days than hot ones, and I for one really like it.

I think I’d like Alaska even more. I’ve heard you can see Russia from there… and maybe I could run for Governor!

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  1. Lilly O says:

    But…I am confused…weren’t you wearing your jersey??????

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