I'm All Alone… All By Myself…

there is no one here beside me…

This is remarkable. In a South African gold mine, two miles beneath the surface, scientists have found a bacteria that lives completely by itself. It’s an ecosystem of one, and one only.

From this link:

Almost two miles beneath the earth’s surface in a South African goldmine, researchers have found a new species of bacteria that lives in total isolation from any other organism. The discovery offers the first known example of an ecosystem that isn’t a complex web of different life forms, but is instead hosts just one self-sufficient species.

Of course, the discovery has biologists talking about life, here and on other planets. We find life EVERYwhere on the Earth, from deep in the ocean to deep in the earth. We find it where we don’t think it can survive. Yet it does. Surely there’s some more out there.

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