A busy week that went well…

On Saturday Oct 30, the Iron Door Players and I put on a live radio show for Halloween. I wrote the script and, during the performance, provided the sound effects. My wife and daughter were in the show (along with several others), and my son played the organ. If you are interested in giving it a listen, find it |HERE|. That was a great time.

On Monday, I had the first meeting of the library youth group since summer. We talked about what they’ve read since then, and I showed them Goodreads and LibraryThing and explained how both those sites kick Facebook’s butt in the “being interesting” department. Only a few of them agreed. Again, great fun.

On Tuesday, I visited my daughter’s 5th grade class right after lunch to talk about planets. I made a scale model of the solar system several years ago. If the Sun is the size of a basketball, how big is the Earth? And how far away from the basketball Sun would it be? I’ll do a separate post on that model soon, because it sure works well for people.

Last night it was back to the library for a one hour talk for adults on malware. How does it get on your computer, how do you get rid of it, and how do you keep it gone. That also went very well. Only six people showed up, but with a class that small I was able to make sure that each one left with what they came to learn.

Today? Down day. I’m off work because I need to spend all day Saturday upgrading our server. Not sure what to spend today doing, but “nothing at all” seems like the very best option so far. What I’ll likely do is get some of the new SFFaudio arrivals scanned in for Jesse, then read some fiction. When the kids come home from school, maybe we’ll take a drive to town… I took a look at the current movies, though, and… meh.

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3 Responses to A busy week that went well…

  1. Julie D. says:

    I was just going to write today and ask how the Halloween show went. Glad to hear it all went well!

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks for presenting such a great Halloween Readers Theater…..definately a treat for the town!

  3. Scott D. says:

    Thanks, Emily!

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