Goodbye, Spirit!

Well, it was bound to happen soon. After a year of not hearing anything from the Spirit Mars rover, NASA has decided to stop listening. A final command was sent on May 24, but was probably not received.

Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager John Callas said:

Spirit was designed as a 3-month mission with a kilometer of traverse capability. The rover lasted over 6 years and drove over 7.7 kilometers [4.8 miles] and returned over 124,000 images.

Remarkable! The above image of the Martian horizon was taken by Spirit in 2004. Kudos and thanks to everyone involved!

On the negative side, the outrageous success of the mission probably means that robots will be taking over sooner than we think. Stay clear of anyone named Sarah Connor.

The other Mars rover, Opportunity, is still hard at work.

Here’s an NPR story called “NASA Says A Final Goodbye To Plucky Mars Rover”.

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