Tangled Google Web

A while back, I decided to move sffaudio.com to Google for mail. There were various reasons for this, the main one being that I liked using Google Docs, and it didn’t make sense to me to have a Google account and an SFFaudio e-mail account. If they could be the same account, then great! Win-win.

I tried connecting my sffaudio e-mail account to Google without Google Apps, but whenever I sent an e-mail from my phone, my Google e-mail address would always be sent along, and it’s frankly a lousy e-mail address. It was annoying.

So I created a Google Apps account for SFFaudio, and moved all my mail there. A very smooth operation, but it took a while. SFFaudio has been around since 2003 and I’ve never tossed anything away.

I planned to close my previous Google account, but it turned out that moving all the non-mail data is slow going. The pics in my Picasa album are still there (not sure yet how to get those moved), and the only way to move Google Docs is to download them then upload them into the new account. To save time, I just shared all the docs to my SFFaudio account, figuring that I’ll make the permanent move someday.

A new wrinkle occurred yesterday when I tried to connect to Google+ with my SFFaudio account. I was denied because it says that I need a Google Profile to be on Google+, and Google Apps customers can’t have Google Profiles. So for some inexplicable reason, Google Apps folks, who have got to be the most engaged Google customers out there, are denied access to Google+. They’ll have to create another Google account, or just forget about it. I can only assume that Google will fix that, but I’ve assumed some other things that haven’t come true. For example, how hard could it be, Google, to have a contact list that is visible to everyone in your Google Apps domain? Apparently, that’s very very hard.

I did sign up for Google+ yesterday with that old account that I never deleted.

So now what? It seems to me that the best option is to return to the way I was doing it before. That is, remove SFFaudio from Google Apps and re-connect it to my old Google account so the me on Google+ is the same me that’s on SFFaudio.

As of right now, I have four (FOUR!) Google accounts. One for work (my office outsources our mail to Google), one for SFFaudio, my old original Google account, and one I created just a few weeks ago for School Board business.

Obviously, this is taking way too much of my time.

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