What a great picture. That’s a lot of history to have in one room. My favorite (Ronald Reagan) is sadly missing. And I’m shocked – SHOCKED! – that they didn’t invite me to lunch with them. I’ll do my best to ignore the snub and move on.

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2 Responses to Presidents

  1. Mike Hinds says:

    I was invited, and I can tell you that when Bush 41 mentioned that he was surprised you weren’t there Obama slapped his knee and cursed and made some comment about having forgot to give you a call. You were wanted, it was just an oversight. The good news, you’re likely to be nominated for Speculative Fiction Czar in the new administration!

  2. Scott D says:


    Whew – thank you! I can now move on knowing that they missed me at the meeting. On the appointment, I was holding out for All-Being Master of Space and Time. I haven’t heard of anyone getting that cabinet position yet.

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