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What is it?
Huffduffer allows you to create a custom podcast feed made up of audio files that you find on the internet. This podcast feed can be subscribed to just like you subscribe to other podcast feeds.

How does it help?
It saves work! If you subscribe to your custom Huffduffer feed, then all you have to do to get a new file in that feed is to fill out the “Huffduff It” form. No more downloading MP3’s to manually add to iTunes, and no more using your mobile device to browse to a file that you were looking at earlier at the office.

How does it work?
You go to and create a free account. Then, in iTunes or on your device – wherever you listen to podcasts – subscribe to your own Huffduffer RSS feed.

To add an audio file to your feed, go to Huffduffer, click on the “Huffduff It” button, and follow the instructions.

The file you just added will automatically be uploaded into iTunes or your device just like a normal podcast does.

Are you the only person that can subscribe to your feed?
No, and that’s one of the cool things about it. If you want to subscribe to my Huffduffer feed, you can. Here’s the link:

If you subscribe to that feed, you’ll automatically receive audio files that I’ve found interesting.

(NOTE: You do NOT need a Huffduffer account to subscribe to my feed. You only need a Huffduffer account if you want to create a feed of your own.)

To subscribe to that feed in iTunes: Copy the link. Under “File” in the latest version of iTunes is “Subscribe to Podcast…”. Click there, paste the link, click OK.

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