shelf wear – The wear that occurs as a book is placed onto and removed from a shelf.

Welcome! My name is Scott D. Danielson.
Current Projects
Co-host, A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast, where Julie and I (both Catholics) discuss books, movies and traces of “the One Reality” we find there.

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  2. Mike Strzempka says:

    I just listened to your podcast for the first time on the way back from Key West. In being a great admirer of all things O’Conner, it was wonderful hearing some refreshing insights into her works (episode 032). I look forward to listening to many more episodes now that I am subscribed to the podcast. I do have one question. Within episode 032 you mentioned a few Southern Gothic writers and I couldn’t find one of your recommendations online. I believe you stated Eldon Bell? Julie said it was “Flannery O’Conner with zombies”. Can you please send the correct name of this author and a recommended title. Thanks again for the wonderful podcast. Many more years of success.

    Mike Strzempka

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